Editorial: Transparency Now! Rally 9/28 5:30pm

On Friday, 9/28, Students, Faculty, Staff, Alums and Residents of Charlottesville will gather on the steps of the Rotunda to call on the BOV to explain their reasons for the forced resignation of President Sullivan this past June.

Post-resignation, many were willing to adopt a “wait-and-see” attitude. However, in the past month, it is becoming crystal clear that the BOV does not intend to give any rationale.

They have demonstrated this in two ways:

1. Their response to Faculty Senate Chair George Cohen’s remarks at the BOV meeting on 9/13
2. Their response to the serious questions raised by the SACS, one of UVA’s accrediting bodies (see the Cavalier Daily editorial)

The next  BOV meeting is on November 8th and 9th. It is important that the members realize that they have to take the concerns of the Greater UVA Community seriously and this means coming up with answers to these questions.



One response to “Editorial: Transparency Now! Rally 9/28 5:30pm

  1. I do not want to declare a premature victory, but I think the culture of the BOV has definitely changed thanks to everyone involved, especially Suzie & Joan Fenton, who stayed engaged in the process. Thanks again to Joan for reporting on this latest meeting on October 19. The BOV want to institute permanent procedures through motions, and concrete actions on committee appointment.

    They have voted in favor of: clear benchmarks for evaluating president performance, a requirement for a full board vote to fire presidents in the future, faculty appointments to all/most committees, required sessions of board coaching by a professional who offered same services at Ivy League schools. Wow. We made a difference.

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