Memories of UVA in the Fall Part 1

We asked members of the TJs UVA community via Facebook and Twitter to tell us their memories of UVA in the Fall (aka Midterm Season!)

Susanna Nicholson: “Memories: Mid-term anxiety swirling in the air. Despite that, the reassuring changes fall on Grounds. The trees near the Rotunda turn a very specific, bright yellow. The stink of Ginko leaves as I hurried past Mad Bowl to get to an exam. The way everyone around me seemed huddled, inward. And a week after mid-terms, we were all standing a bit taller, moving a bit more freely, making plans for the weekend. Relief.”

 Helen Grinnell:  “In our efforts to focus better and not have major distractions, we formed study groups and met at one of the libraries. Yes, we were guilty of scoping out the guys at the law library on other less important occasions. Wahoowa!” 

What are your memories? Have any tips for the current undergrads? Share them on the Facebook Page and Twitter


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