Following the reinstatement of President Sullivan on June 26th, focus immediately turned to the wider issues of University governance and reform. Members of the University community are working on these issues from many different angles.

University of Virginia Faculty Senate: the June events led the Faculty Senate to put together a series of Task Forces.

BOV Composition– Co-Leaders: Sue Pollart and Jeanine Braithwaite; Faculty Senate Liaison: Francesca Fiorani
Mission: To support the Faculty Senate in its efforts to develop a legislative proposal on board reform by producing a report on best practices for the composition of boards of higher education, including recommendations for reforming the BOV at the University of Virginia. Contacts: and

Online Education– Chair: William Guilford; Faculty Senate Liaison: Shayn Peirce-Cottler
Mission: To delineate and define digital and online learning, comprehensively determine what is and has been done at UVa, find quantitative evidence of its efficacy, costs, and benefits, and make recommendations for our approach to digital and online learning at UVa. Contact:

Electronic Communications– Co-leaders: Tom Mark and Shayn Peirce-Cottler
Mission: To facilitate communication between senators, task forces, and committees of the Faculty Senate and between the Senate and the broader UVA community using electronic tools. Check us out on our Facebook  Page and follow us on Twitter  @uvafacultysen. Contacts: and

AAUP/External– Chair:  Peter Norton
Mission:  To build constructive relationships with AAUP and other external organizations that can serve as effective advocates of shared governance at the University of Virginia. Contact:

On Grounds Events

During the coming year, departments and student groups across the University will hold events discussing the future of UVA. The Facebook page will serve as a place to find out about these events along with hashtags being used for live-tweets. A class is also being offered through the Media Studies Department entitled ‘Documenting UVA’s Future – the Oral History of the Ouster and Reinstatement.’

In Richmond

The Virginia House of Delegates reconvenes in January and will face a vote on whether to confirm the new BOV appointments.  Community activists as well as local Charlottesville Delegates Toscano and Creeds are working on the potential for new legislation on UVA governance reforms. Work is also being done to fully document BOV meetings.


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