Timeline of the mobilization of the UVA Community

6/10 The Email that Shocked the University: Rector Helen Dragas Announces President Sullivan’s Resignation
6/13 Creation of “Students, Friends, & Family United for the Reinstatement of President Sullivan and a related online petition
6/15 Faculty Senate Executive Committee issues a Statement of No-Confidence in the Board of Visitors
6/17 Faculty Senate holds an Emergency meeting attended by over 800 faculty members and 200 members of the public during which they issue a united Statement of No-Confidence in the Board of Visitors and call for President Sullivan’s Reinstatement
6/18 Rally for Transparency is held on the Lawn and attracts over 3,000 Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alums from across the region. At 2am on 6/19, after an 11 hour meeting, the BOV appoints Dean Carl Zeithaml as interim president.
6/19 The Facebook Group mounts “Operation Firestorm”, designed to bombard Virginia politicians and the BOV with calls for reinstatement. That evening, UVA’s student newspaper, the Cavalier Daily, releases the FOIA’d Dragas-Kington emails.
6/20 Invigorated by the FOIA emails, The Facebook Group begins “Operation Outrage”, to continue pressure on Virginia politicians and the BOV. Planning starts for the Rally for Honor.
6/21 The Facebook Group reaches over 12,500 members and 3 members of the BOV announce an emergency meeting of the BOV for Tuesday, 6/26. With reinstatement suddenly back in the realm of possibility, the Rally for Honor gains further momentum and importance as a potential pivot point.
6/24 The Rally for Honor is held on the Lawn. Featuring over 30 speakers from across the UVA schools and community and amidst severe thunderstorm warnings, it draws a crowd of over 2,000 from around the region. It also features a “virtual rally” of photos of alums holding signs of support for reinstatement which are mounted on stakes and placed on the Lawn.
6/26 The Day that We Will Never Forget: Teresa Sullivan is unanimously reinstated as President of the University of Virginia

Further Information

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